Friday, March 19, 2010

Call Center Agents and Their Implications

Call center agents are considered as the front liners in the call center industry. They are also the shock absorbers and undeniably, different level of stress will be one of the risks these agents may get out this kind of well paying job.

Their way of life is not that easy as others may think of for there is a lot of factors to consider just for an agent to go through this kind of work. Others who do not know the life of a call center agent may think that it is so easy as may seem for they are just there to sit back and relax in an air-conditioned work place take and make calls, but they are not fully aware what kind of environment and work style they are into and what are the risks it may imply to their health in the work place and to the community and their ability to handle time management and etc.

Most of these outsourcers are coming from outside the country and others are those who originally own the dollars. Though the nature of the work is very challenging, demanding and not that easy, compensation of these call centers for its agents is really that convincing and encouraging for an individual who is looking for a good start for his / her own career.

In the Philippines, call centers both inbound and outbound are now in and doting Luzon, Visayas and not so in Mindanao, but the fact is, it is one of the avenues particularly for the new college graduates most especially for those who have the communication skills who are still looking for a firm where they can apply their knowledge they learned from the schools where they graduated. In short, the call center, may it be inbound or outbound, is one of the stepping stones and training grounds for everyone who desires to earn to a living.

Aside from the fact that call centers are really compensating well, and that agents are really enjoying what they’re doing because of what they’re earning, not all agents know beforehand the nature of their job and its impending risks to their life most especially their health. Hence, the need of a study about their work habits and their implications is much more concerned after all for both the agents and the community.

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