Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Business as it is!

In the world of labor market, it is imperative that a college student must graduate with a very pleasing grade that would be competitive enough to keep up with other applicants or rise from among the latter and please your employees when it comes to finding the right job for a specific field, or else, you will end up regreting why you graduated college from that school.

Well, let it be known unto all of you that it is not the school where you graduated that matters, rather it is how you performed in the course of your college days. Interestingly, it doesn't mean you're mediocre if you were not able to earn your degree from a university that is known to be as "famous", what makes you mediocre is when you were able to earn your degree from that so called famous university and yet you still suced as if you did not learn something and someone might just be casting pearls before swine and do not walk what your school talk.

Photo courtesy: worldmarketintelligence.com

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