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DOLE Guidelines 4.2.5



Title II


Chapter V


Art. 185. Medical services.
Immediately after an employee contracts sickness or sustains an injury, he shall be provided by the System during the subsequent period of his disability with such medical services and appliances as the nature of his sickness or injury and progress of his recovery may require, subject to the expense limitation prescribed by the Commission.

Art. 186. Liability.

The System shall have the authority to choose or order a change of physician, hospital or rehabilitation facility for the employee, and shall not be liable for compensation for any aggravation of the employee’s injury or sickness resulting from unauthorized changes by the employee of medical services, appliances, supplies, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities or physicians.

Art. 187. Attending physician.

Any physician attending an injured or sick employee shall comply with all the regulations of the System and submit reports in prescribed forms at such time as may be required concerning his condition or treatment. All medical information relevant to the particular injury or sickness shall, on demand, be made available to the employee or the System. No information developed in connection with treatment or examination for which compensation is sought shall be considered as privileged communication.

Art. 188. Refusal of examination or treatment.

If the employee unreasonably refuses to submit to medical examination or treatment, the System shall stop the payment of further compensation during such time as such refusal continues. What constitutes an unreasonable refusal shall be determined by the System which may, on its own initiative, determine the necessity, character and sufficiency of any medical services furnished or to be furnished.

Art. 189. Fees and other charges.
All fees and other charges for hospital services, medical care and appliances, including professional fees, shall not be higher than those prevailing in wards of hospitals for similar services to injured or sick persons in general and shall be subject to the regulations of the Commission. Professional fees shall only be appreciably higher than those prescribed under Republic Act Numbered sixty-one hundred eleven, as amended, otherwise known as the Philippine Medical Care Act of 1969.

Art. 190. Rehabilitation services.

a. The System shall, as soon as practicable, establish a continuing program, for the rehabilitation of injured and handicapped employees who shall be entitled to rehabilitation services, which shall consist of medical, surgical or hospital treatment, including appliances if they have been handicapped by the injury, to help them become physically independent. b. As soon as practicable, the System shall establish centers equipped and staffed to provide a balanced program of remedial treatment, vocational assessment and preparation designed to meet the individual needs of each handicapped employee to restore him to suitable employment, including assistance as may be within its resources, to help each rehabilitee to develop his mental, vocational or social potential.

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