Saturday, July 10, 2010

Characteristics of an Entrepreneur: Perseverance

In the world market, as far as competition is concerned, one of the most important characteristics an entrepreneur has is perseverance. There will be no successful entrepreneurs nowadays, not even a single one if it were not of the word that puts an individual or ordinary person into action to become an entrepreneur which is perseverance.

Like Ben Chan, the owner of Bench, his success in the world market has been an obvious and lucid manifestation that he possesses perseverance. Perseverance does not only contribute to the business alone, but also to some other important aspects of the business such products and services. Ben Chan’s perseverance considering the success of his business (Bench) is undeniably exceptional.

For those individuals who desire to have their own business, it is imperative that the principle of perverance should be properly nourished for like other leading businessmen and market players in the world market, you too can be one successful entrepreneurs as what they are right now. Thus, the secret to having a successful business and to being a businessman, you should be persistent in accomplishing your goals. It has been said, "Entrepreneurship is not for the weak of heart".

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  1. Victory belongs to the most persevering people...

  2. I totally agree with you! Perseverance is a very important characteristic of an entrepreneur! Successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Yuri Mintskovsky were also persevering and eventually succeeded in their careers. They are great role models!

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